Pull the hairs…

This sunday was full of learning. It was the time to give a look at the skin and the hairs… Strand rendered hairs.

But first, have a look at what the hairs looked like one year ago.

Now, here is what they looked like a week ago (hairstyle test).

And finaly my tests of this sunday.
The first with a thickness root at 0.01 and a tip at 0.00. Render time 2h55mn at 1500 samples.

And as a last test, thickness root at 0.01 and a tip at 0.01. Closed tips and rendered as B-spline. Render time 1h48mn at 1000 samples.

The skin is not bad but i’m not totally satisfied. Also iI still have some errors about connections Closure to closure only.
Here is the Node Setup.
Mydna Skin Node Setup - 26042015

More to come…

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Malhonnêteté Arte

La chaîne franco-allemande Arte est venue interroger Alain Soral à Paris pour un reportage sur le thème de la « théorie du complot ». Les images obtenues ont été diffusées dans l’émission Yourope du 18 avril 2015, intitulée « Absurdité ou réalité ? Zoom sur les théories conspirationnistes qui prospèrent en Europe ». Sans surprise, le montage tente de nuire au président d’Égalité & Réconciliation. Fort heureusement, ERTV a contre-filmé l’interview, permettant ainsi de rétablir la vérité sur les propos d’Alain Soral… (Source de l’excellent Egalité et Réconciliation)

Interview d’Alain Soral par la chaîne Arte… par ERTV
Pour soutenir Alain Soral, procurez-vous ses bouquins !!

Ou rendez-vous sur

Kontre Kulture

More Mydna… Close-Up !

This time it’s particle time ! It’s time to put eyebrows and eyelashes to the test… Here are the results :

First with Color Management Look Agfa Agfacolor Vista 800 (Best result in my opinion)
The second with Color Management Look Eastman Double X Neg 4min (One of my favorite but darkest)
The third without any Color Management Look

Note the weird bump in the center of the face, it’s because the mirror modifier is not yet applied.

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Mydna in 4K !!!

It’s been a while since my last post… So here are some Mydna renders with cycles.
The first ones are 4k stills. 3h15mn38s for the render to finish. But considering the volume scatter, hairs, glossy materials and meshlights, it’s a good result. Some fireflies appears, but those are not a production work anyway.
For each of the first 4 : XUbuntu 14.10 – Blender 2.74 – Cycles 2500 Samples – Amd64 6cores – Zotac GTX Titan

So the first is without Color Management Look

The second with Color Management Look : Eastman Double X Neg 4min

The third with Color Management Look : Canon Optura 981111

The Fourth with Color Management Look : Agfa Agfacolor Optima II 200

The last ones are Full HD (1920×1080) and took less than an hour for each.
Ubuntu 14.10 – Blender 2.74 – Cycles 2500 Samples – Amd64 6cores – Zotac GTX Titan

More to come… Hopefully !

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Backing Tracks on G+ Drive

Backing tracks sur/on Google Drive

Ça fait un moment depuis le dernier post. Ces petits mots pour vous informer que tous les backing tracks auparavant disponible uniquement sur ce site sont maintenant sur Google Drive. Il peut être plus utile pour chacun de partager ce simple répertoire que la section téléchargement ici. Alors réjouissez-vous et partagez :

It’s been a while since last post. These little words to inform you that all the backing tracks previously only available on this site are now on Google Drive. It might be more usefull for everyone to share this only folder than the download section here. So Enjoy and share :

Backing tracks sur/on Google Drive